Generation Chosen

Photo by Ty Unruh

Photo by Ty Unruh


The following books have greatly impacted Maegan and I. Out of all the books we have read, these are the best of the best. We feel it necessary to share these materials, so that anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey may do so.

Rick Joyner

  • The Final Quest

  • The Call

  • The Path

  • The Harvest

Wendy Alec

  • Visions from Heaven

John Kingsley Alley

  • The Apostolic Revelation

  • The Spirit of Sonship

  • Holy Communion

Charles Finney

  • The Autobiography of Charles Finney

  • How to Experience Revival

Roberts Liardon

  • The Roaring Reformers (God's Generals)

  • The Revivalists (God's Generals)

  • Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed (God's Generals)

Thomas a Kempis

  • The Imitation of Christ

Madame Guyon

  • Union with God

  • Intimacy with Christ

  • The Final Steps in Christian Maturity

  • The Autobiography of Madame Guyon

Hannah Hurnard

  • Hinds' Feet on High Places

Frank & Ida Mae Hammond

  • Pigs in the Parlor

  • The Breaking of Curses

  • Overcoming Rejection

Leonard Ravenhill

  • Why Revival Tarries

Norman Grubb

  • Rees Howells: Intercessor

Owen Jorgensen

  • The Supernatural Life of William Branham: Books 1-5

Oswald J. Smith

  • The Passion for Souls

Gordan Linsay

  • John Alexander Dowie

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • The Cost of Discipleship

Bill Johnson

  • When Heaven Invades Earth

  • The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind

Michael de Molinos

  • The Spiritual Guide

Photo by Ty Unruh

Photo by Ty Unruh


The following ministries have impacted Maegan and I the most. The content that these ministries provide must be diligently sought out to secure maxim spiritual growth. Conferences, podcasts, YouTube videos, and teachings from their websites are exceedingly helpful for anyone seeking to understand the kingdom of God more fully.

Terry Bennett

Neville Johnson (Living Word Academy)

Rick Joyner (Morning Star Ministries)

Bill Johnson (Bethel Church)

Mike Bickle (International House of Prayer)

Randy Clark (Global Awakening)

Leif Hetland (Global Mission Awareness)

Heidi Baker (Iris Global)

David Hogan (Freedom Ministries)

Wendy Alec (God TV)


In these last days it is extremely important to know the signs of the times. A lot of the main stream news media is controlled. We are given some information, some information is excluded, and some information has a spin (or agenda) put on it. The following websites can help open ones eyes to what is really going on in our nation and around the world. It is very important to be informed so we can properly prepare for the days ahead. Watch and pray.

End Times Headlines

EndTime Ministries

Drudge Report

Breitbart News Network

World Net Daily

Russia Today

Info Wars

Global Research

Global Truth

The New American

Liberty News

The Global Elite

Photo by Ty Unruh

Photo by Ty Unruh


The following worship will usher in the presence of the Lord, which promotes intimacy with the Lord.


  1. Bethel Music

  2. Steffany Gretzinger

  3. Amanda Cook

  4. Jeremy Riddle

  5. Kim Walker-Smith

  6. Jesus Culture

  7. Housefires

  8. Hillsong

  9. Misty Edwards

  10. United Pursuit

  11. Amy Thompson

  12. Catherine Mullins